“Budding entrepreneurs can now start building their business acumen in ninth grade.” ABC 10

Led by student innovation, THE CUBE is a comprehensive

entrepreneurship experience

The CUBE (Creative & Unique Businesses Emerging) at Stranahan High School is a specialized school designed to foster innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. This unique offering for 9th – 12th grade high school students offers more customized learning opportunities through real world experiences.

Students learn the mindset, industry credentials, employability skills, and aptitude to address and analyze actual issues and create products in the spirit of an entrepreneur. Students engage in the Six Sigma improvement method to learn successful management strategies and create operational student businesses leading to internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

What make us


Our program emphasizes critical thinking and creativity to provide students with the tools to problem solve and develop both intellectual and industry skills.

Learning entrepreneurship changes mindsets, changes lives, changes the world. We aim to equip young people with an innovator’s eye and a founder’s grit–the skills and other skills needed to excel in an innovative economy. With economists predicting that many of the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today, entrepreneurial and adaptive skills are important ingredients of a successful future.

A Fun & Engaging Environment that prepares students for the future.

The CUBE will ensure a quality academic foundation by creating an environment of entrepreneurialism within the school through which students can strengthen their problem-solving skills in a collaborative, authentic learning environment. Students will exit from their school experience prepared to persevere through college, transitioning into a career pathway, and/or pursue a business start-up based on a skill or innovation created during their academic journey.





There are no academic requirements. Interested students may apply for entry into the program. Parents of students who reside within the boundary of Stranahan High School boundary and are interested in the THE CUBE Program may apply for entry into the program using the Stranahan Student Interest Form. Students who do not reside within the Stranahan boundary may also apply for this innovative program using the following link.