A strong academic foundation in an environment designed to encourage

Authentic Learning and Collaboration

The CUBE ensures a quality academic foundation by creating an environment of entrepreneurialism within the school through development of a micro-economy by which students can strengthen their problem-solving skills in a collaborative, authentic learning environment. Students will exit from their CUBE experience prepared to persevere through college, transitioning into a career pathway, and/or pursue a business start-up based on a skill or innovation created during their academic journey and analysis of how the skill and innovation will prosper. For students to truly be life ready, instruction balances basic skill mastery, deep-conceptual understanding and applicable simulations/practice in the real world. Students create and operationalize school-based businesses that solve problems relevant to their future and the future of others.



The CUBE offers a  dynamic curriculum designed to enhance communication and collaboration while enabling critical thinking, problem solving, initiative and self-reliance.

Students learn entrepreneurship skills through leadership improvement processes such as Six Sigma.

Redesigned Learning

Labs & Classrooms

Students will have hands-on learning experiences through the use of a maker-space, business meeting space, and College and Career Center. In addition, students will have access to two computer labs that will be used to further engage their learning by working on their business plans, market research and analysis, and a sales plan for their self-created product and/or business.



Throughout the 4 year experience within the CUBE, students will have the opportunity to earn industry credentials by becoming certified in the following areas: MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), ESB (Entrepreneurship and Small Business), and Six Sigma (White and Yellow Belt Certification).


College Credit & Scholarships

 As part of this creative yet rigorous initiative, students will have several opportunities to engage in college level courses through Florida International University and Broward College. Earning dual enrollment credits and college articulation credits will also afford them numerous scholarship opportunities in their areas of interest as it pertains to career readiness.

Program Characteristics

What makes us unique


School as Incubator

The Creative Unique Businesses Emerging (CUBE) school will provide quality academic instruction through an environment of entrepreneurialism. Students strengthen their problem-solving skills in a collaborative, authentic learning environment through a micro-economy design. Students graduate from their CUBE experience prepared to persevere through college, possess employability skills to succeed in their career pathway, and have the skills to pursue a business start-up.


Student Led Learning

The CUBE establishes a learning environment that addresses students’ individual learning needs. The faculty and staff work with each student to craft an educational program that targets growth and academic achievement, while providing high interest, relevant curriculum and application of learning through entrepreneurship. Students will be encouraged to connect learning to relevant industry and social issues for a real-world business environment. 



Six Sigma

Today’s students recognize and are concerned with issues of society and would like to pursue careers that provide positive change as well as potential profit. The Six Sigma process teaches how to define a problem, measure and quantify the problem, identify the cause of the problem, and implement a solution for improvement. This methodology provides the student with a variety of tools that apply to any business or social issue, providing students with analytical skills that extend thinking way beyond the classroom instruction.


Community Stakeholders Resource Lab

The CUBE centers around collaborative community partnerships between school faculty, staff, parents, and business/community partners. Teachers participate in team conversations to discuss curriculum relevance based on the student experience, potential to succeed, and career interests. Six Sigma training is incorporated with teachers to ensure that analysis of the processes and measurement of student impact is reviewed and personalized to each.


Social E-ship: Students Giving Back to the Community

The CUBE hosts an annual social entrepreneurship component integrated into the curriculum, during which the entire student body addresses a community problem through an innovative idea approach with the end goal focused on creating a positive change that will benefit the community.  



College and Career-Ready Skills

Student voice and choice matter at the CUBE. How students connect their learning to a relevant real-world issue, creation of a product, or solution to a problem fosters out-of-the-box thinking. With the tools provided by the CUBE environment, students will be able to unleash their potential and explore their passions in an environment that nurtures this method.